Day 2 of the 2012 Fall TV season

It took a few tries, but I did get through all of last night’s shows, and I’ll post a few thoughts on that in a bit. For now, let’s look at what’s on the calendar for tonight. I have 7 ½ hours of shows programmed to record, but at least an hour of that I record for my youngest son.
Three shows have already been on for a few weeks, NBC’s Go On, The New Normal and Parenthood are all on their 3rd or 4th episodes. Like I said yesterday, I’m not a huge ½ hour comedy person, but I added Go On and The New Normal to the rotation because they are new, and I like to give the new shows a chance. I’m actually surprised that I don’t hate Go On. I know, not exactly a ringing endorsement, but I haven’t really made a final decision on it yet. I’m reserving judgment for another episode or two. As for The New Normal, I’m really enjoying it. The funny thing is that it’s not the comedy that’s sucked me in, it’s the touching moments between the two dads when they talk about discrimination and bigotry that they know they’re going to have to endure that gets to me. So far, I’ve cried in each episode. The creators said they were going to offend EVERYONE, and so far they seem to be doing that. There are a few things that have come out of Ellen Barkins’ mouth that were beyond unbelievable.
I’ve been a fan of Parenthood since day one. I love the entire cast, and have thought that they covered a lot of issues pretty realistically. That was up until this year. My first complaint is that I am not a fan of Ray Romano’s, never have been. Not everyone loves Raymond. I’m not completely on board the Sarah & Mark ship, but if they’ve brought Ray in to break them up then I’ve got my new cause. My other major complaint is that things seem to be so much more hectic this season. In every single scene it seems like every character is talking at the same time, and yelling over each other to be heard. Now, I understand that some families are like that sometimes, but are they like that every minute of every day? It just seems all so very rude.
As for the actual storylines, it really bothered me when they sent Haddie off to college. As a mom of two kids who have gone off to college, I find the idea of them ‘never coming back’ ridiculous. By the end of the episode where she leaves it felt like they were sending her off to the moon where they’d never see her again. My oldest went to school 120 miles away and came home every other weekend, not to mention Christmas, summer and every other holiday or break on the calendar. I know this isn’t the same as Haddie going clear across the country. But, my daughter DID go to school 1500 miles away. She spent 4 years in Rhode Island, but she came home every Christmas, and every summer. For financial reasons, she did not come home for Thanksgiving or Spring Break, but between the telephone and Skype, we spoke or at least exchanged texts every single day. Late in her senior year I went two or three days without hearing from her and I started to freak a little because it was the first time in all those years that I hadn’t heard from her. It turns out she was just busy with school (imagine that?) but the point is that if you have a close relationship with your children there’s no reason that you can’t stay in touch in this day of technology. Sometimes I think TV writers are stuck in times-gone-by. Anyway, I’ll keep watching the show, but it’s not appointment TV anymore.
There are three returning shows making their fall debuts tonight. NCIS, NCIS:LA and Private Practice are all back. I don’t really remember where we left off with NCIS, but according to the commercials there’s something about a bomb. Maybe I should have watched a few reruns this summer to refresh my memory, but isn’t that what’s so great about procedurals? You don’t have to keep track of a thousand details? I saw a tweet saying that they were going to address more of the Tony/Ziva relationship this season. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I don’t particularly like Ziva all that much, and I don’t really want to see them forced into a relationship just because some of the fans want it. Other than that, I don’t really have any expectations for this season. We’ll just have to see what happens.
Actually, I feel kind of the same way about NCIS:LA. I like the show. The characters are great. There’s lots of chemistry between all of them. I don’t know if I want Kenzi and Deeks to hook up or not. They are really funny together but maybe the brother/sister dynamic is better than a romantic relationship.
I ‘m surprised at how un-interested I am in with the return of Private Practice tonight. There was a time when I adored this show and adamantly defended it to people who said it couldn’t stand up against Grey’s Anatomy. I love almost the entire cast, but some of the characters have become very difficult to tolerate; many of them have become so whiny or judgmental. Now, I hear that Kate Walsh will be leaving at the end of this season, and it sound like Tim Daly has already left the show. What a bummer.
The show I’ve been waiting for the most is Vegas. People who know me know that I am the biggest Dennis Quaid fan. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m going to like the show itself, and not sure I’d even have it on the record list if it wasn’t for Dennis. I’m not usually into period pieces, and not a big fan of the mob. Bullies of any sort piss me off. But we’ll see what happens.

The show I record just for the kid is New Girl.  I can’t stand that show.  Zooey Deschanel drives me nuts.  For as cool as her sister is, Zooey just tries too damned hard to be that quirky and cute and it fails majorly.


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