Monday night’s fall-out

I’m not going to waste a lot of time doing detailed reviews of all of the shows I watched last night, but here are a few thoughts.
Bones – Called the killer the moment she appeared on screen. Ask my daughter. We decided to bake some cookies while we were watching the episode, so we’d pause it when it was time to put another batch in. During one of these breaks I told her who I thought it was, and sure enough, I was right.
The Mob Doctor – I love Jordana Spiro and Zach Gilford, but they have absolutely NO chemistry. I haven’t checked the ratings, but I still don’t expect this to last more than about another month.
HIMYM – eh, it was OK. I had to spend most of the episode trying to explain to my daughter what was going on since she hadn’t really followed it for the past 4 years while she was at college.
Partners – Reserving judgment until I’ve seen at least one more episode. It just seemed really uneven, and some of the jokes were just lame and completely unnecessary.
2 Broke Girls – again, eh, not its best, but I know it can do better.
Hawaii Five-O – Not happy about them killing off Chin’s wife. Why bother having him get married just to kill her off so quickly. And why bother getting such a good actress if you’re not going to keep her. If this is all to turn Chin into the bad cop he was accused of being at the beginning, I do not approve (not that anyone cares). As predicted, Christine Lahti didn’t last long, but they’ve left the door open for her to return. It was very interesting how they wrote her character to explain so many of Steve’s personality quirks.
Castle – I’m very happy with the way they are handling the Castle/Beckett relationship. I loved that the very first thing they did was have them address whether things happened just because she was having a bad day. I’m reserving judgment on the ‘resolution’ of Beckett’s mom’s murder. We’ll see if that’s really done or not.
Revolution – It was OK. This is a show that requires multiple viewings and I haven’t had a chance to rewatch yet.
The L.A. Complex – This is such a train wreck of a show, but I can’t stop watching. I’m almost hoping now that they bring it back next summer for a third season.

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