Political vent

OK, so I understand that it’s unconstitutional to make voters take a test to make sure they understand the issues and are voting for the person who has their best interest at heart, but maybe it should be a requirement for future politicians to take some sort of basic IQ test.

They should at least know how things work before trying to legislate them.

In the past two days, Mitt Romney has said some of the most remarkably stupid things.  First, the bit about why airplane windows don’t open?  Maybe I have a bit more understanding of how airplanes work because my dad was a pilot and I grew up around them but I doubt it. I’m assuming that Mr. Romney has spent many hours traveling via air.  He’s supposed to be an intelligent, educated man.  I would expect someone with his background to have a smidgen of observation skills.  Airplanes that fly at any kid of altitude have to have pressurized cabins. Anyone who has ever watched any kind of airplane disaster movie knows what happens when a cabin loses pressure because of a hole in the fuselage.  I guess he’s just never paid any attention to the flight attendants’ speeches before take-off.

Apparently, he also said something about Emergency Rooms being a viable healthcare option for folks without insurance.  I’m sure every ER doctor and nurse in America is cringing at this thought.  This idea is wrong for so many reasons, and I don’t really want to take the time list them all (and probably couldn’t if I tried) so I’ll focus on one obvious one.

Someone STILL has to pay for the care, duh! ERs are not free clinics.  Hospitals need to get paid for services rendered.  You’d think a capitalist like Mr. Romney would know that.

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