Day 3 of the 2012 Fall TV Season

Tonight is Wednesday, which means it’s Survivor night.  I’m not as obsessed with Survivor as I am with Big Brother, but since it’s only the second episode of the season it still has so much potential.  There’s a local KC kid, Carter Williams, so I’m still rooting for him (they haven’t really shown much of him, so I haven’t figured out if I really like him or not), plus I want to see how Lisa Welchel (Blair from The Facts of Life) handles things, and I’m also rooting for the 3 returning players, for the moment. I don’t support the idea of bringing back previous contestants as a general rule, but for these three, they didn’t get voted off the first time, they were forced to leave due to life threatening medical issues, and I fully support another chance in these cases.  I didn’t watch Survivor back in the day that the one guy fell into the fire and burned his hands, but I’ve heard he’s a good player, and he seems like a nice guy so GO SKUPIN.  I am a fan of Jonathan Penner.  I know it’s his third try.  And I know that a lot of people don’t like him. But he has a charm that I find irresistible, and I hope he does well.  In his first season, I really liked Russell Swan’s attitude, and work ethic, and when he passed out during that comp my heart broke for him.  I was glad to see him back this season, but after the first episode I’ve decided that I’m going to be reserving judgment on him for now.  He’s really pushy, and how he didn’t get evicted last week is still beyond me.  He needs to either back off, or start listening more to his team. I hope he doesn’t turn into an ass.  As for the rest of the new people, I already don’t like the chick that goes by RC, the ‘investment banker’ who’s claiming to be an administrative assistant.  When people lie about their profession to start off with that puts a bad taste in my mouth, plus she just seems like a mean girl.  I also am not caring much for her partner in crime, the girl from Brazil, Abi-Maria.  The girl tried to use her buff as a skirt and then asked if it made her butt look fat.  Really, she did.

One of the reasons I enjoy my three reality shows is that I watch them with similarly like minded people online in a chat room, and it’s just fun to talk to others while watching something.

Wednesday’s are pretty light work for the Tivos.  Besides Survivor, there are only another 4 ½ hours of shows scheduled to record tonight.  Later in the season there will be a few more shows, but they don’t premier until October.

There’s only one new show on tonight, a ½ hour comedy called Guys With Kids, that I’ll be recording.  It premiered last week.  I recorded it because I like some of the cast and thought I’d give it a chance.  When I watched it, it wasn’t too bad, and it’ll probably get put on my list of shows I’ll watch when I run out of other things on the Tivo.  But, then my 17-yr-old son watched it, and he LOVED it.  So, that should tell you a bit of the mentality of the show.  For the record, the show that airs before Guys, Animal Practice, is horrible.  NBC aired the pilot during the Olympics this summer.  I watched it, and wanted to like it because I like the actress Joanna Garcia, but unfortunately she’s just not enough to make up for all of the rest of the awful.

All of the other shows with new episodes tonight are hour long procedurals.  Criminal Minds, CSI, and Law & Order: SVU all premier tonight.  Criminal Minds isn’t a FAVORITE but Shemar Moore is so pretty to look at that it’s all worthwhile.

Original flavor CSI starts their 13th season. This show is still great, even with all of the cast changes over the years.  Yes, I miss Grissom sometimes, but Ted Danson’s Russell character brings something different, but just as intriguing. My one request for this season is that I really hope they have Nick’s hair under control this year.  Last year, his hair stylist seemed to be really trying to make him look bad.  Petty, I know, but it was so distracting that it would take me out of the scene to the point I’d lose track of what was going on and would have to go back to re-watch.

I didn’t realize Law & Order: SVU had been on as long as it had, but I guess this is its 14th season.  This is my least favorite in the L&O franchise.  I even preferred L&O:Trial by Jury, which only aired a couple of episodes before it got yanked.  It’s better now that Elliot’s left.  It’s not that I didn’t like him, I did, but I was never part of the Olivia/Elliot shipperdom (not a word? Oh well).  I wish they’d use Richard Belzer more.  His Munch character is being totally wasted.  But, I do like the new characters they brought in last year, especially Detective Rollins played by Kelli Giddish.  I love her, but she hasn’t had much luck with shows of her own lasting more than a season.  I hope that she sticks around for a while.

Just to be clear, there is a ‘new’ episode of Revenge on but it’s not really new. It’s a recap of the entire first season.  If you haven’t watched this show yet, watch this recap, find season 1 on Netfilx Instant, then get ready for the new season that starts on Sunday (I think).  This is a great show.  Yes, it’s soapy, but only in the best ways.  The twists and turns in every episode are so entertaining.  It’s not always easy to tell where things are going, and I appreciate that.  On too many shows I can call the outcome before the opening credits are done (see Bones from Monday).

Supernatural will have new episodes starting next week.  This is a show that I used to watch all the time, but after the main characters died and came back from hell for the umpteenth time I’ve kind of grown bored.  I still record it because the Season Pass is already done, and the kid likes to watch on occasion.

In two weeks, there will be three more new shows premiering that I’m actually looking forward to.  Arrow on The CW, Nashville on ABC and Chicago Fire on NBC all look good, or have received good reviews.

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