Tuesday’s review

Let’s see, what did I watch on Tuesday night?

The Mindy Project – My first thought is that it was very uneven.  There were parts I liked, but then parts that made me go WAH? Put this on the “I’ll watch when I run out of everything and anything else” list.

NCIS – I know I watched it, and that Toby Ziegler was the bad guy, but other than that, nothing really stuck with me.  Maybe I need to re-watch.

NCIS: Los Angeles – I remember a little more about this one, but not a whole lot.  The main thing I took from this is that season premiers that have to wrap up a cliff hanger from the year before are more often than not a letdown.

Vegas – I think I’m going to like this.  Dennis Quaid has a much bigger role than I expected, so that’s good.  And Jason O’Mara plays his brother, so there’s more pretty, and there’s no such thing as too much pretty, especially talented pretty.  One note to Dennis, though.  Dude, enough with the ‘someone farted and I just smelled it’ face.

Private Practice – I’m glad that Addison and Jake are together.  I just never felt the Addie/Sam chemistry.  Maybe that’s because I’ve always thought Sam’s character should have been gay.  There was something about him in the original pilot that screamed “I’ve just discovered I’m gay, and now I have to deal with it” and I really wanted to see that happen, but nope, they didn’t go there.  Plus, I would have been annoyed if after all that time of him insisting he didn’t want to do the daddy thing all over again he did anyway.  I understood his feelings of having already raised his kid, and now he was a grandfather, and not wanting to start over again.  I’m in the same situation. If I were to meet a man I liked but he had small children, I think that might be a deal breaker, no matter how much I liked him.

So, Charlotte’s pregnant with triplets?  I hope she gets over the whole ‘not wanting to be a mom’ thing cuz she’s gonna have her hands full soon.  I know that this seems kind of opposite of what I just wrote about Sam, but I think deep down inside she’ll make a good mom. She may not be your quintessential supermom, but she’ll be great at it, and Cooper’s going to be a great dad.

Any guesses as to what’s wrong with Sheldon?  They really glossed over it, but Sam obviously found something when he did Sheldon’s physical.  I’m guessing maybe prostate cancer?  That will be sad.

Can we just get rid of the Amelia character? I haven’t liked her from day one.  She’s the most selfish, self-centered whiny bitch on TV I’ve seen in ages.  Even after everything the character went through last year, I still don’t have the slightest bit of sympathy for her.

I loved the way they handled the reveal about Pete.  I was completely caught off guard, and didn’t see it coming at all.  I knew Tim Daly was leaving the show, but I just assumed they were going to ship him off to prison for pulling the plug on that patient last year, or that he had run off to avoid jail.  I’d forgotten about the heart attack last year.  Amy Brenneman deserves an Emmy for her performance at the end when she’s telling Cooper what happened.  Her detachment leaves me without words.  I’m looking forward to more of this.  Maybe this season won’t be as bad as I was expecting.

Parenthood – The frantic pace wasn’t quite as bad this week as it was last, so I enjoyed the episode a bit more, but only the parts that didn’t include Ray Romano.  There wasn’t nearly enough Cosby and Jasmine, though.  I hope they don’t drag out the will she/won’t she get the surgery story for Kristina for too long.  From a personal perspective, if I was faced with the same situation, I’d want the best doctor, and I’d want to get the surgery as soon as I could. I will have a hard time believing someone wouldn’t want to have a cancerous tumor removed as soon as possible. I did like the things she said to Adam at the end.  The writers did a great job of putting those feelings into words.

Go On – I’m not hating it yet, but I’m still not completely sold either.  But, Matthew Perry’s character is making progress, so that’s a good thing.  Grief is a process, and I was leery of how they’d be able to sustain a character who was in that much pain for a full season, let alone multiples, if it lasts.  Sitcoms are not known for character growth.

The New Normal – I’ll be honest, did not love this episode.  It did not touch me like other episodes.

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