Day 4 of the 2012 Fall TV Season

YEAH! It’s Thursday!  That means lots and lots and lots of good TV.  Tonight, I have 8 shows scheduled to record.  The stats are: 1 returning show that premiered a few weeks ago, 2 returning half-hour comedies, 3 returning one hour dramas, and 2 new one hour dramas premier.

The returning show that’s already premiered is Glee.  I love this show even when I don’t recognize most of the songs performed, like last week. With all the new characters, I’m hardly missing the old cast. The new girl is enjoyable, is her name Marley? She’s got a great voice, and I like the character so far.  Hopefully, they’ll tone down Puck’s brother soon and he’ll start to fit in.

The two half-hour comedies are The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men.  I have very different feelings about these two shows.  I LOVE the Big Bang Theory.  I think it’s brilliant.  I love that geeks are getting the respect they deserve.  My only complaint is that I feel that they’ve painted Raj into a corner with the whole ‘can’t talk to women unless he’s been drinking’ thing. Maybe they should have made some caveats like he can talk to them in a classroom/work environment, but then not in social settings.  That could make for some funny stuff.  Think about this, at work he could talk very intelligently and professionally about work with a beautiful female colleague.  But have them run into each other in another setting, like in line at Starbucks, and he’d be unable to talk.

At the other end of the spectrum is Two and a Half Men.  I never watched this show when Charlie Sheen was on because I’ve never been much of a Charlie Sheen fan.  I’ve caught parts of episodes here and there, and every time I was so offended or found it so NOT funny that I moved on.  When Charlie left and they brought Ashton Kutcher in I thought I’d give it a try to see how it changed.  It wasn’t quite as crude, but it’s still pretty bad.  I still record it because I’m too lazy to cancel the season pass, but it’s really low on the priority list when it comes to watching.

The three returning dramas are Person of Interest, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.  I’ll start with Grey’s because it’s the one I’m least excited about.  They killed off Lexie at the end of last season, which kind of turned me off the whole show.  I really wanted to see Lexie and Mark get back together and live happily ever after.  Those two had an amazing amount of chemistry and I loved all of their scenes.  I’m really tired of the Derek and Meredith story.  From the beginning, Meredith was one of my least favorite characters.  I remember saying a long time ago that if they just got rid of her the show would be so much better.  But, the fact that the show was named GREY’S Anatomy made that a little difficult.  But then they brought in Lexie Grey, and I had hope, but now, not so much.  I’m also tired of them killing off characters at the end of every season.  Why can’t people just go away?  They’re young doctors.  It would be completely natural for one or more of them to move on to other opportunities.  It seemed like they were going to do that near the end of last season, but instead they just killed folks off.  Blech. Now everyone’s just going to be sad and moping around for weeks. Not entertaining.

Person of Interest comes back tonight for its second season.  I enjoy the show a lot, but nowhere near as much as the kid.  He’s been bugging me for weeks wanting to know when it would be back.  But, I’m worried that tonight’s episode is going to fall into that whole gotta-resolve-the-cliffhanger situation, so I’m not expecting much.

The returning show I’m looking forward to the most is Scandal.  I became smitten with this show when it premiered last spring.  The fast paced dialogue and subtle and not so subtle blackmail that goes on just makes me sqee.  Last week, I re-watched all of season 1 just to get myself refreshed.  Anytime a show relies on flashbacks to tell the story I can get easily confused, and forget or just plain miss important details, so it was good to revisit.  The twists and turns that last season took were shocking and fun, and caught me by surprise, and I find that very entertaining.  I’m looking forward to finding out Quinn’s true identity, and why she’s hiding.  Is she in the witness protection program? Is she the illegitimate love child of someone important? Did she kill a rich and powerful lover who was abusing her?  Can’t wait to find out, I hope I’m not disappointed.

The two new dramas premiering tonight are Last Resort and Elementary.  I want to like Last Resort, but I’m not feeling very confident about it.  My gut tells me that this one won’t last.  It may be a bit too high concept for people.  It’s got a very talented cast.  Let’s hope that the writers can do them justice.

Funny thing about Elementary, when I started writing this blog earlier this week I got a message from my sister asking if I was going to talk about it. She said she’d seen the commercials and thought it looked good, and I guess she wanted to see what I thought.  That was pretty cool.  So, for Colleen, here’s what I think about Elementary. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the start of this show for ages.  I love the idea of a modern day Sherlock Holmes.  I love the cast. I’m looking forward to Johnny Lee Miller getting to use his natural accent.  I also think Lucy Liu will make a great Watson.  I’m counting on her to bring the snark.  This show has a lot of potential to be a very smart hour of entertainment. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it lives up to that potential.  I did some checking on IMDB regarding the show’s producer, Robert Doherty.  I’ve never noticed his name before, but apparently he’s been a writer and/or producer on many shows I’ve loved in the past, like Ringer, Medium and Tru Calling.  So, let’s hope he has Medium level success, and not Ringer level.

I’ve been thinking about what makes a show entertaining to me or not.  I think one of the things that helps is when I don’t see things coming.  I watch a lot of TV and movies, and read a lot of detective novels.  Between the same stories being told over and over, and the way they cast the same actors and actresses in similar roles on multiple shows just takes all of the fun out of watching a mystery.  I think casting directors need to take note. They need to think outside the box. Stop using the same actor for the bad guy.  Stop using a ‘familiar face’ (someone who’s done a lot of guest starring spots) for the bad guy and the rest of them as people no one’s ever seen before.  Next time, use the familiar face as a not-important character.  That might throw things off for a bit.  Give a new person a break, let them play the bad guy. And throw the audience off a bit, maybe it will make shows more entertaining.

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