Wednesday Review

Survivor – What the hell has happened to Russell since his last season?  He’s turned into quite the jerk.  I would have been OK if he’d gone home last night, but instead, we lose the chick who speaks in tongues, which I’m OK with, too.  In fact, can we just go ahead and vote out Russell and Angie from that tribe now and just have Denise and Malcolm split between the other two teams and start over?  I’m getting the feeling that the KC kid, Carter, must go really far because they’ve all but ignored him so far this season.  I felt for Lisa, about how the real her is shy, but maybe she needs to start pretending that she’s on a character who isn’t shy.  That’s what I still do when I get into uncomfortable situations like that.

Men With Kids – I’m loving Anthony Anderson. And Tempest Bledsoe is great. She’s become a much better actress since she was a teenager. This episode wasn’t too bad, but my favorite part was when Anthony & Tempest’s two older boys came out and saw the new TV and yelled “OH MY GOD! BOX!”.  What parent can’t appreciate THAT moment?

Criminal Minds – I understand that they needed to introduce the new character, but Garcia’s jealousy of the new lady felt kind of out of character. Other than that, I fell asleep for a few minutes in the middle of the show and I didn’t go back to see what I missed, but I don’t really care.    Can you tell I’m about over this show? And oh goody, it looks like the team’s got a stalker, I’m just so thrilled.

CSI – See my comments from yesterday about premieres after cliff-hangers.  It fits here, too.  This show is supposed to be about the science, and there was so very little of that here that I was very disappointed.   On the bright side, it looks like maybe they’ve solved Nick’s hair issues.  Is the actress that plays Morgan pregnant?  I hate being that person that says that someone looks fat, but there was something about her face, and I don’t think they showed any unobstructed shots of her standing that makes me wonder.

Law & Order: SVU – First of all, did I miss something? Those kisses between Olivia and Cassidy came out of left field.  They’ve done a good job of replacing jerk Stabler with jerk Amaro.  But, I got my wish of more Munch last night.  He was great.  By the time I got towards the end of this 2 hour episode I was getting really sleepy, so maybe I nodded off but I’m confused.  Is Captain Cragan coming back, or are we stuck with the non-Baldwin brother for a while?

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