Day 5 of the 2012 Fall Season

We have five shows scheduled to record tonight.  Three are returning one hour dramas premiering tonight, one is a returning show that premiered a few weeks ago, and one is a new one our drama.

The new show is called Made In Jersey.  She’s a jersey girl who’s become a lawyer in a big law firm.  It’s supposed to be your basic fish out of water story.  My gut tells me this may not last long.  It doesn’t mean I won’t like it, it means that others won’t.  We’ll see.

The returning show that has already premiered is Grimm.  NBC aired four new episodes starting in August, right after the Olympics ended.  I got the kid hooked on this last season.  We spent an entire Saturday watching every episode available at that time (about 8 or 9, maybe more) and then every week we’d watch it together.  He was very excited when the new episodes started this summer, and pissed when I told him it was only 4 episodes and then a two or three week break.  Looking forward to tonight.

The returning shows premiering tonight are CSI:NY, Fringe and Blue Blood.  I love all of these shows.  And I really appreciate that the networks are allowing CSI:NY and Fringe one final season each to wrap things up.

I don’t really remember how each of these ended last season, so I’m not sure what to expect.  I guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we.


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