Thursday’s Reviews

The Big Bang Theory – It was not my favorite episode, but part of that is because I’m not a big fan of Howard’s mom and Bernadette fighting.  I don’t find that stuff very funny.  I did love Leonard painting on his stomach for the football game.  And the switching up of the typical gender rolls was fun.  Sheldon was kind of a jerk, but I know, that’s just the way he is.  But maybe it’s time for his character to grow a little. I’m not saying he has to become ‘The Greatest Boyfriend, Ever” but maybe a little awareness would be nice.  I feel so bad for Raj.  I’m afraid the writers have written him into a corner and aren’t sure how to get out of it.  I hope they figure out something soon.

Two and a Half Men – So, Jake’s still in the Army?  I wonder how long that’s going to last.  This show is such a train wreck.  But, I found myself literally laughing out loud on more than one occasion. I couldn’t help myself.  I hope that after last night’s episode it means that we’ve seen the last of Zoey.  I didn’t like her character from the start.  She was just a snobby bitch.  Walden is too nice, he needs a nicer girl.  And I hate myself for having that opinion.  I’m so embarrassed that I find parts of this show funny.

Last Resort – I’m ready to suspend belief on this and see where it takes me.  There are lots of great mysteries and secrets, that’s good.  And, the families of the folks on the sub know that they’re still alive, not dead. I liked that part a lot.  I loved the female Lieutenant putting Aiden Quinn’s character in place, repeatedly.  But the best part is Andre Braugher.  He’s not going to take any crap from anyone and I love that.  It was a very quick hour.  When it was over I really wanted more, so that’s a good sign. I liked the racially diverse cast.  And the Hawaii locations are beautiful.  Just saw this tweet: Fun fact: LAST RESORT did better on men 25-54 than Grey’s and tied in men 18-34. ABC needs more men. This show brought some. So, hopefully it’s a good sign and the show will last a while.

Grey’s Anatomy – OK, I must admit, I was so over this show before I watched last night’s episode, but now, I’m right back on the bandwagon.  I’m still heartbroken that Mark and Lexie are gone, but I’m seeing tweets today that Shonda Rhimes wanted them to be together.  While I was watching the show, I was taking notes so I would remember what I wanted to say here.  One of the things I wrote was “can we have a spin off with Mark and Lexie in heaven together?”  We have some familiar faces in the new group of interns.  I saw Tina Majorino, who I know from Veronica Mars, but she’s done lots of other things recently, too.  I love her.  I also saw Gaius Charles, who played Smash Williams on Friday Night Lights, along with a few other roles.  I like these additions.  They are two very talented actors who should fit in well.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought Arizona had died, too, but nope, she’s still there.  We’ll see how they’re going to deal with this situation. The only bad is that they’re bringing back April. I don’t like the actress, and I don’t like the character. I was really hoping she’d be gone for good.  All in all, this was a pretty good cliff-hanger clean-up.

Person of Interest – Not a favorite episode, but I’m still glad it’s back.  Maybe they need to take some notes from Grey’s on how to wrap up a cliff-hanger, but there was no wrap up whatsoever.   I like the background on the machine, that was good, and how the machine got the info to John was good.  But the victim-of-the-week was lame, and not sympathetic.

Glee – Not much singing in this episode.  But the opening number by Blaine, Everybody Wants to Rule the World is a favorite of mine.  Sarah Jessica Parker was good, but she seemed so sad.  I hope it was meant to be that way for the character.  Is Mr. Shu going to be missing for a while this season?  I haven’t read that the actor had something else going on, but I’ve been trying to stay spoiler-free most of the summer.  I hope it’s not just that I like Rachel and Finn, but Rachel’s new friend gives me the squicks.  He’s too pretty and too smooth and I don’t trust him.  But I guess we’ll find out pretty quick if he’s going to stick around now that Finn’s shown up at the door.  What is going on with Sam?  Last week, he wanted to be Brittney’s best friend, now he’s cozying up to Blaine?

Scandal – So, we know who Quinn really is, she’s Lindsey Dwyer.  She’s been accused of killing her boyfriend and six others by sending him a bomb in the mail to his office.  But she says she didn’t do it, and someone knocked her unconscious, transported her from California to Washington DC and gave her a whole new ID, but she doesn’t know who.  Someone either really owed Olivia a huge favor, or she’s got serious dirt on someone because with just 1 phone call the judge decides there isn’t enough evidence and she drops the whole thing, and now Quinn’s a free woman.  The client of the week, a senator from The Great State of Rhode Island, was played by the same actor that plays Grayson on Drop Dead Diva.  It took me ages to figure out where I knew him from.

Elementary – I liked it!  There, just thought I’d get that out there before I said anything else.  It was very good, lots of cool twists.  I hope that we don’t have a whole lot of Watson saying, “How could you possibly know that?” That will get real old real fast.  Funny observation: When Holmes rammed Watson’s car into the bad guy’s car, it sounded like Holmes said “Better”, but my closed captioning said “Water”.  I guess they closed captioner didn’t understand his British accent.  Another observation: The song playing at the end was by Elvis Costello, and it’s the theme song to one of my favorite PBS shows, History Detectives.

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