Emily Owens, M.D.

The critics panned this show so bad I didn’t expect it to make it past one episode, but I watched it anyway because I love the lead actress.  Mamie Gummer is the daughter of Meryl Streep, so she’s got some pretty good acting genes, but she’s also got some pretty big acting shoes to fill.  I’ve seen her in several things, and although she plays a semi-similar character in every roll, it’s an endearing character.  I hate the word adorkable, mostly because it’s usually used to describe Zooey Daschenel, who I cannot STAND, but Mamie pulls off adorkable even better, in my opinion.

After seeing the first two episodes, I’m sucked in.  I relate to Emily. She thinks the kinds of things I think about, but she acts on those thoughts, so I’m kind of jealous of that.  Yes, she embarrasses herself most times, but it’s really better to get those things off your chest.

I like most of the characters, except for the obvious one.  The show’s pretty solid except for the whole ‘life is like high school’ thing, unfortunately, that’s the main premise of the show.  In tonight’s episode, Emily stood up to her high school nemesis/mean girl. I hope we see a lot more of that.

I hope that this show lasts because I really like it. And, Mamie deserves a success.

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