Why you can’t find the ‘perfect’ candidate

To everyone who says they want to see fresh faces in politics, here’s the reason you don’t…MONEY.

It takes money to get your face and your name out there, and to get money you have to have a face and a name that people are willing to contribute to. So, we’re caught in a catch-22.

If you truly want to see new faces in politics you need to get involved at the local level. Next election, go meet the new people and find out what they stand for. Try to find someone who has the qualities you’re looking for. Then, you have to help them. Not just by voting, but by donating time and money. You have to sell them to others.

You can’t wait on the side lines waiting for a new face to just show up at the national level to save the day. Would you really trust someone who showed up out of nowhere? To get there, they would need money, and if you don’t know them, then you don’t know where their money came from, and you don’t know who’s puppet they are.

If you can’t find someone with the qualities you’re looking for, then maybe you should try running for an office. It’s not easy. Every skeleton in your closets will be pulled out, and you may be dead in your tracks before you even get started. Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’ll need to find backers. Backers only invest when they think they can get you to do what they want. It’s hard to keep your principles when you rely on other people’s generosity. Even people with the best of intentions find themselves compromising themselves one tiny little bit at a time, and before they know it, they’ve sold out to the money.

It’s nearly impossible, in this day and age, to rise to the national level without compromising yourself in some pretty major ways.

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